Director Message

A warm welcome...

The pandemic caused due to Covid-19 has adversely affected industry, trade, business, service sector & economy in general across the globe. In such a critical situation, the role of IR and HR professionals has become very crucial. IR and HR professionals must think differently for industry, generate and stimulate new options, change narratives, boost employee’s morale and again give a push to revive business.

Late Narayan Meghaji Lokhande Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies, apioneer institute conducts full time post graduate course Master of Labour Studies (M.L.S.), which is aunique blend of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management. Professors, torchbearers and guest faculties use global case studies to expose the students to analyze and come up with innovative solutions to address the issues from various perspectives. It generates a sense of responsibility & accountability because they visualize themselves in place of the entrepreneurs instead of workers and employees.

This course is structured in a way that gives student socio-economic-commercial exposure through “field visits”, wherein they interact with a varied spectrum of the industry, commerce and services from diverse backgrounds. It gives them a better understanding of how the strategic decisions are taken by going beyond the present and visualize the role of the business, industry and economy in the future.

I take the privilege to introduce brilliant and passionate students of the Institute, who I am confident would be a vital contribution to the industry and make a difference in the life of those individuals at the operative level on whose strength and foundation every commercial operation rests.The composition of the current batch is a mix of experienced professionals and fresh graduates from various backgrounds like Engineering, Social Sciences, Commerce, Law and Management.

I am confident that the curriculum designed and changed by the Institute is keeping pace with the global trends and the manner of imparting the education with the necessary skill will make every student a valuable human resource in the entity they serve. On this count, I cordially invite you on behalf of my Institute and give our students the privilege to interact with you. It will add to their knowledge whose positive impacts will be there on the economy in general. It will have a reciprocal benefit to the industry because they are the ones who will be taking the reins of the industrial economy & business in time to come. We at the Institute have the highest pleasure to wish the students a grand success in all their endeavors.

Best Wishes,
Mr. Shashank Sathe
LNML MILS, Parel, Mumbai