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The Late Narayan Meghaji Lokhande Maharashtra Institute of labour studies was established in July 1947 in Mumbai by Bharatratna Shri Gulzarilalji Nanda and the minister of labour Mumbai as a school for the training of labour welfare workers and it is a unique institute, one of its kind in the field of labour studies.

Regional labour institute (RLI) Nagpur came into existence in 1971 as a branch of Late Narayan MeghajiLokhande Maharashtra Institute Of labour Studies (LNML MILS) to deliver the same proficiency to the future human resource, industrial relations, and personnel management professionals at the regional level.

It was a dream of our former Director to start a regional labour institute to develop human resource managers, personnel management professionals, and labour welfare officers by giving specific training in the field of labour laws and industrial relations which was the need of Vidharbha and Marathwada region. Due to the changing industrial scenario, our former Directors Dr. Vishnu Mhaitras and Dr. Sharad Sawant had taken the initiative to establish this institute had raised the fund to build the campus respectively.

Our former visionary deputy director Dr. Ramesh Navlakhe fought for a prominent location for the institute in the heart of Maharashtra’s sub-capital and it was his effort that the institute procured 5.5 acres of land near I.T Park, Nagpur.

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Warm Welcome...
The pandemic caused due to Covid-19 has adversely affected industry, trade, business, service sector & economy in general across the globe. In such a critical situation, the role of IR and HR professionals has become very crucial. IR and HR professionals must think differently for industry, generate and stimulate new options, change narratives, boost employee’s morale and again give a push to revive business. Late Narayan Meghaji Lokhande Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies, apioneer institute conducts full time post graduate course Master of Labour Studies (M.L.S.), which is aunique blend of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management. Professors, torchbearers and guest faculties use global case studies to expose the students to analyze and come up with innovative solutions to address the issues from various perspectives......

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Regional Labour Institute is a branch of LNMLMILS, Govt of Maharashtra that conducts the Two years Full-time Masters Degree program in Labour Studies, affiliated to RTM University Nagpur. The MLS Course design has a perfect blend of theory and practice. We provide a comprehensive study for students pursuing a career in Labour Management, Industrial Relations, and Human Resources. The eminent academicians teach the fundamentals of various subjects and senior HR/IR professionals provide the practical inputs with proper perspectives to the Students. The combination of theoretical perspectives accompanied by practical exposure through Field/ Observation Visits, ESI Placements, Concurrent Placement, Visit Govt. Offices, Study Tour, and Internship training make our students perfect as per the requirements of the current need of the industry and confident enough to take up the challenges with the problem-solving approach.

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